Christmas Hope

"Unto us a child is born..." Isaiah 9:6

In this highly unusual COVID Christmas season, we feel the ache of wanting to gather with family in the home and family in Christ. Community has taken a radical turn since March and to such a degree that many of us are celebrating with far fewer family and friends this Christmas. Loneliness and isolation are pretty high - though we have snippets of community with a visit to the store, work, church, or even through Zoom. Yet, there is this glorious thing about Christ and Christmas in the face of Advent in a socially-distanced pandemic. 2000 years ago, Jesus was born into this world despite the moral distance between a holy God and unholy man.

When Isaiah says "unto us" a child is born, the "us" was a people in spiritual, emotional, physical, and social brokenness. Sin had done its damage and was laying waste to people, families, and a culture. The shocker was that the eternal and holy Son of God left the wonders of heaven and became one of us - fully man - to reconcile us with God. Jesus came to bridge that moral, social, and spiritual distance between us and God through his relational intervention at the cross. Happily, He still shows up in the presence of the Spirit.

In this season when we feel the ache of distance from family and friends due to this scourge of COVID, remember, Christ came near and IS near despite the dangers. He is immune from the sickness of sin and has made us the same through his blood-stained intervention. Soon enough, we will be free to gather together as a family in Christ without the fear of Covid. Remember in the meantime that unto "you" Christ walked into this world. Unto "you" he made a connection with God the Father and in the Spirit right now! Praise the newborn King!

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