Grace and Peace

"Grace to you and peace from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ." (Phil 1:2)

What is it the old credit card commercial said? "Life comes at you fast." Well, we are getting a load of life coming at us these days with the unwieldy experience of COVID and the ongoing saga of American politics. I am confident that you all could add more with your own "life comes at you fast" experience at work, home, or otherwise.

But, here is a question I have for us - how does God come at us? How does he approach us? In an oft-overlooked part of Paul's letters, we see this wonderful greeting in Philippians 1:2. Sometimes we see it so frequently that we forget that God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, posture themselves toward us with grace and peace. That is not only true positionally in our adopted standing and as part of the family. That is true for us in the vital and relational connection with which Jesus comes to us.

I have been reading about this in a book I would recommend by Dane Ortland called Gentle and Lowly. But even more, the whole of Scripture presents God as moving toward us, not in some fast, rough, or angry manner - but with grace and peace, with meekness and humility in Christ. No doubt, Christ is also a great and untamable King. But this same King moves towards us with a gentleness that wins our hearts and feels safe. Grace and peace come at you slow and gentle with the God who does not get anxious or hurried.

How are you experiencing the Lord today? Receive grace and peace by imagining Jesus coming to you personally and relationally, even today.

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