Walking through Suffering

Do you feel like the Lord has rejected you? Do you wonder if he will ever be favorable again? Do you believe his steadfast love has come to an end? How about his promises? Do you think he has forgotten to be gracious or that in his anger he has withdrawn his compassion?

These are the questions Asaph contemplated in Psalm 77 as he walked through his suffering.

He sought the Lord (v. 2) and knew that the Lord would hear him (v. 1), yet he wasn’t feeling the comfort that he longed for (v. 2).

He was disturbed and faint (v. 3).

He couldn’t sleep (v. 4).

He was so troubled he couldn’t talk about it (v. 4).

Can you relate to this?

I have known suffering, but I haven’t experienced it to this level. My hope in meditating on this is that when suffering comes in varying strengths that I will respond like Asaph. The answers to his questions were a resounding ‘no,’ but he wasn’t afraid to ask them: to go to the Lord in faith with his raw and unrehearsed thoughts. This is instructive for us as we deal with our suffering and hardship.

The hinge of this Psalm turns in verse 11 where he says he will remember God’s works and deeds. Contemplating his situation led him to a place of remembering and meditating on who God is and what he has done. Asaph recounts who God is and what he has done in the past for Israel (vv. 16-20). The Lord has redeemed them (v. 15), and he has redeemed us through Christ.

As you move forward in this pandemic and all the challenges of life, sink your roots into the soil of this psalm and find your thoughts directed more toward him, even in your pain. I leave you and I with one question …. What is it that you will rehearse today about God’s wonderful redeeming work?


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