Exodus: Freed to Follow

Join us this Sunday at 11am as Pastor Ken continutes on in this new series! You won't want to miss this one. Click below to listen to past installments of this series! 

Last Week's Sermon: Restoring the Ruins Through the Advocate


Restoring the Ruins Through the Advocate || Exodus 34:8-35

Sometimes life, career and relationships are left in tatters. We aren't sure how things will work out or what can be fixed.  This week in Exodus 34 we'll look at how a gracious God and Advocate move toward the people of God and restore the broken things.  In a time where much seems broken, the God of grace has good news for us.

Behold His Glory || Exodus 34:1-7

God's glory can be seen all around us in the beauty of his creation but no greater beauty can be experienced than the glory of God himself. While we do not see him now face to face one day we will. Come join us this Sunday and see how we can behold his glory in Christ Jesus.

What Do You Hope to See? || Exodus 33:12-23

If you've ever been through hard times, you long to see things change, you long to see something different. This week in Exodus 33 we examine Moses' prayer to God after a terrible moment in the history of God's people. His prayer is a redeeming prayer. But it isn't just a prayer to God to fix the situation - it is a prayer to see much more.